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Production Base
Production base

In terms of intelligent production, we took the lead in introducing the German (Oerlikon) Barmag's intelligent production process. Through the implementation of industrial "interconnection +" digital intelligent manufacturing, the busy assembly line was replaced by a "smart and swift" robot, and the production efficiency Significant improvement, more refined product technology, becoming the first digital and intelligent enterprise in the industry to enter the Industry 4.0 era;

In terms of innovative business models, Yongrong Group took the lead in adopting the B2B2C e-commerce model to build an electronic trading service platform for chemical fiber products, creating a new business model for the domestic chemical fiber industry.

New products such as Jinkang Yarn and EVO Nylon under the group are widely praised by the market for their good functionality. One of the most prominent highlights of the Yongrong Technology CPL project that will be put into production is the advanced production technology route. Among them, only one technological innovation of "cyclohexane cyclic conversion" can save more than 30 million yuan in expenditure each year. In addition, the secondary use of the by-product cyclohexane not only achieves high utilization rate and increased benefits, but also environmental protection and pollution-free throughout the process