Dept Position Job responsibilities. Job Requirements
International Business International Business Manager Maintain  relationship with old customers, develop new customers, expand export sales, and increase market share; Through the Internet, exhibitions and other channels, strengthen the company's product publicity and improve brand awareness. Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in International Trade or English; Overseas experience is preferred; Having a good foundation in English, fluent spoken English is preferred; Provide overseas subsidies.
International Business Assistance 1. Draft and sign contracts, track production progress, and coordinate external sources of goods;
2. Assist the business manager in providing after-sales service and maintaining customer relationships;
3. Proficient in mastering the complete set of foreign trade export processes and document preparation;
4. Sales and shipment data statistics, data archiving and storage;
5. Assist the business manager with other work tasks.
Bachelor's degree or above, with no restrictions on majors, priority given to international trade majors; Hardworking, responsible, meticulous in work, strong work organization, outgoing personality, and strong communication and coordination skills; Experience in foreign trade related work or plan execution is preferred.