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Fujian Eversun Jinjiang Co., Ltd. (previously Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd.) is a large-scale high-tech enterprise that combines the chemical industry, chemical yarn, and new materials. The company was founded in 2006 in China's famous textile city and Changle District of Fuzhou, the hometown of overseas Chinese. The company has many entities, including Eversun Technology, Jingfeng Technology, and Xinchuang Nylon Industry, and has opened up the industrial chain from "benzene-caprolactam-nylon chips-nylon yarn." The company has received numerous honors, including "Top 500 Asian Brands," "China Famous Trademark," "Key High-tech Enterprises of National Torch Program," "First 50 Billion Enterprises in Fujian Province," "One Hundred Key Industrial Enterprises in Fujian Province," "National Enterprise Technology Center," "National Demonstration Enterprise of Technological Innovation," and "National Functional Polyamide Yarn Product Development Base," and was named to the first list of "Single Cham"

The company's primary products include caprolactam (CPL), nylon polymer chips, and nylon yarn, which are widely utilized in the apparel, sports, leisure, health, medical care, and automobile industries, among others.

Eversun shares have experienced rapid growth in recent years as production scale has increased. In the chemical industry, its Eversun Technology cpl integration project is located in Shimen 'ao Chemical New Materials Industrial Park of Meizhou Bay Petrochemical Base, which is one of Fujian Province's top 100 "top priority" projects and one of the top 30 key projects of the Beautiful Putian Action Plan. Eversun Co., Ltd. established a strategic partnership with Eurocon-Bamag of Germany to jointly develop China's first automatic and intelligent nylon production line, and has since developed three innovative product brands: Jinkang Yarn, Jinyi Yarn, and Jinsheng Yarn. We developed industrial nylon yarns while researching and producing civil nylon, and some independent innovative products filled a gap in the domestic market. In terms of sales, the current sales network has covered major domestic and international markets, and products are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, and America, and long-term strategic cooperation relations have been established with many well-known upstream and downstream enterprises both domestically and internationally.

Today's market is tomorrow's quality. Eversun Co., Ltd. regards product quality as its life, strives for perfection, and has established more than 300 powerful technology research and development teams with medium and high professional titles, and has always regarded scientific and technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise's sustainable development.

Eversun places a high value on corporate culture development, pursuing the core values of "customer-centered, struggler-oriented, and sharing with partners," and adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "harmony and symbiosis, keeping the right and bringing forth the new," constantly inspiring the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the team, condensing the upward development force, creating value through actions, and repaying the society with dedication.