Brand Culture
Brand Culture
Brand Culture
  • Our Mission
  • corporate vision
Our Mission
A colorful and happy life
"Science and Innovation": Technology, Innovation, Creation
"Colorful and Happy Life": reflects the social responsibility to the natural complex of society
corporate vision
The leader of civilian nylon technology
core value
Customer-centric, striver-oriented, share with partners
  • Customer-centric
    It is the highest action program of Yongrong people; to provide services to customers, to maximize customer needs, and to continuously create value for customers; customer satisfaction is the standard to measure all work.
  • Focus on the struggler
    Focus on the struggler
    Strugglers can first be customer-centric and create tangible value for customers; Strugglers use their own efforts and dedication to enhance their individual comprehensive capabilities and achieve personal achievements; Yongrong always pays attention to the growth of the strugglers and builds for the strugglers A good career development channel, build a diversified platform for realizing value, provide a more complete career guarantee, and make it sustainable development and struggle.
  • Share with collaborators
    Share with collaborators
    Yongrong always adheres to the concept of openness and cooperation, and works hand in hand with partners to share resources, share results, and develop together.
Enterprise spirit
Harmony and symbiosis, keeping upright and creating new
It means seeking common ground while reserving differences and building consensus. Harmonious development and co-prosperity with the country, society, and the environment; sharing resources with partners to benefit from harmony; growing hand in hand with employees, sharing prosperity and disgrace.
Keep up with the new
It means abiding by the right way, innovation and change. "Positive" refers to righteousness, righteousness, and justice, and "new" means innovation, renewal, and welcome. The two complement each other, symbiosis and complement each other. On the basis of adhering to the right way and inheriting the tradition, dare to innovate and be good at flexibility.
Enterprise development strategy
Science and Technology
Number intelligence
  • Corporate brand concept

    Fashion: represents clothing fashion, including underwear, sports, outdoor, etc.;

    Health: In the future, Yongrong's products will provide applications for people's health;

    Exploration: On behalf of technological innovation, inject technology into terminal applications;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Green safety dedication

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Corporate slogan
Dream of everlasting, colorful life!