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The company places a high value on independent innovation and technological research and development, establishing special research and development institutions to engage in new product research and development, employing senior industry experts as technology center leaders, and forming a technical team of highly educated professionals with strong technical force.


The company received approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as well as the National Postdoctoral Management Committee to establish a Post-Doctoral Research Center, and through this innovative platform, it promoted contact and cooperation between enterprises and domestic universities and research institutes, as well as improved its own innovation ability and talent training level.



The company actively carries out independent intellectual property work through digestion and absorption and independent innovation on the basis of introducing foreign advanced production lines and engineering technology, and has domestic leading technology ranging from caprolactam, polymerization, spinning, to texturing. It is currently collaborating with scientific research institutes, as well as upstream and downstream enterprises, to develop differentiated and functional nylon filaments, the most common of which are colored nylon filaments, cold sensitive filaments, and antistatic functional filaments.


As an industry leader, Fujian Eversun Jinjiang Co., Ltd. has the most sophisticated equipment in each process. The caprolactam is produced using the world's most advanced Emerson digital intelligent production control system, the polymerization is produced using the most advanced pa6 polymerization equipment in Lurgi, Germany, and Ivanda, Switzerland, and the spinning is produced using the most advanced wings24-head drafting and winding integrated technology spinning equipment and eafk384 automatic doffing and texturing machine in Germany.


The company has a strong technical nylon 6 product R&D team, and the R&D and quality technology management team accounts for 30% of the total number of employees, including 23 doctors and senior experts.


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At present, the center has applied for 75 patents and authorized 56, including 16 invention patents, 40 utility model patents, and 10 key research projects, such as research on cyclohexane dehydrogenation process and hydration hydrogenation cyclohexanone technology. , Solvent rearrangement and vapor phase rearrangement technology research, caprolactam quality improvement research, ammoximation reaction influence factor research, hydrogenation catalyst synthesis technology development, PA6 glass fiber reinforced (5%-60%) technology development, PA6 bromine series Research on flame retardant and halogen-free flame retardant reinforcement, research on graphene functional fiber materials, etc.

Baige strives for the best. We believe that with the great attention of the group leaders and a group of scientific research and innovation teams with strong technology, professionalism and hard work, the Science and Technology Innovation Center will surely develop well and fast, bear more scientific research achievements, serve the main business, and promote development. , Brilliant achievement