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The power of role models | Eversun Jinjiang State Industry Department: Completed 138% of the target sales volume in September, setting a new record high!

A few days ago,Eversun Jinjiang held a marketing summary meeting in Zhejiang. At the meeting, it announced the good news that the company achieved overall performance growth against the trend in September and exceeded the market task. Its Chinese business department achieved 138% of its target sales volume, and its sales reached a new high. It won the lightweight champion of Eversun Jinjiang September Excellent Marketing Competition. Wang Jiangen, general manager of Yongrong Jinjiang, presented trophies and bonuses to the national industry team.

Rebirth from adversity: adjust sales model, optimize customer structure, implement refined management

In 2020, despite the complex and changeable external environment and the impact of the epidemic, the nylon industry market will be cold in the first half of this year, especially after the Spring Festival, with a sharp decline in trading volume and a more severe international market. Most of the nylon industry sales fell year-on-year, especially overseas markets, which were most severely affected by the epidemic.

Under this situation, under the leadership and support of General Manager Wang Jiangen, the National Industry Department of Eversun Jinjiang has given full play to the advantages of the existing team and brand, and under the guidance of the strategic thinking of “expanding sales, increasing profits, and shaping the brand” to overcome the impact of the epidemic. The unfavorable impact of foreign markets, actively explore industry opportunities after the epidemic, adjust sales models, optimize customer structure, and implement refined management. Not only did they explore opportunities for survival in the difficult situation, but the products were also exported to Europe, South America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. , South Asia, etc. While maintaining the steady development of its main business in the international market, the Ministry of Industry has not forgotten to innovate and develop, and its performance in September reached a new high.

Counterattack under the pressure of the epidemic in 2020, they went from “passive orders” to proactively attacking. They expanded the international market in multiple modes and responded quickly when they were unable to travel. They won the month with an unstoppable force in the sales action in September. Lightweight sales champion. Behind such an outbreak is actually 200% hard work. It is the "Wolf-like" team of Yongrong Jinjiang-the Ministry of Industry!

Follow me in this issue to learn about the hard work behind the champion team and feel the charm of sales together.

Learn from Ali: Adopt the management method of "start early, share weekly, catch problems in the middle"

"There are bitterness, sweetness, laughter and tears in the process of breaking through 138% of the target sales volume, but we don't give up, help each other, be pragmatic and efficient, and move forward. During this period, we thank the team for their dedication and the company's leaders for their support." Talking about the results in September, Zhu Youfei, manager of the State Industry Department of Yongrong Jinjiang, said with a smile.

Yongrong Jinjiang State Industry Department is such a team, they have been adhering to the spirit of strugglers, concentrating, working hard. Among them, we have to mention their "killer feature"-the management method of "starting early, sharing every week, grasping problems in the middle", and thoroughly implementing the departmental culture of "helping each other, pragmatic and efficient".

What's the solution? It is reported that the systematic daily process management of "starting early, sharing late, and catching visits in the middle" started from Ali Tiejun, and was used after being improved by Zhu Youfei, manager of the Ministry of State Industry, into "starting early, sharing every week, catching problems in the middle".

"Early start", as the name suggests, requires everyone in the team to clarify their goals, and clearly understand the number of customers who need to contact each day, the expected results, which customers need to promote or sign orders, and match and analyze the corresponding layout of "international marketing" Channel construction". At the same time, through reporting the gap between the goals of the daily struggle, we can create a contrast, encourage each other, and make progress with each other. The business manager rushed into battle and tried his best to seize the market on the battlefield and seized the first opportunity. The logistics staff did a good job of guaranteeing the service, working overtime, and doing their best to deliver goods.

"Weekly Sharing" is mainly based on "Tucao" and "Share". No matter what kind of sales, the work is completed in day-to-day communication. At the request of the manager Zhu Youfei, the Ministry of National Industry held weekly meetings every week to create a space and environment for negative emotions to vent, rather than to accumulate them; at the same time, to allow outstanding performers to share successful experiences and review successful cases. Let the rest of the team gain something from it. Let the members of the small family who are destined to join the Ministry of State Industry to grow and do something.

In addition, every month, Zhu Youfei, manager of the national industry department or senior business manager, will also arrange to guide the development of sales business, not only to solve the problems encountered in the signing process, but to discuss ways and methods to tackle difficult markets together. Let everyone have a further improvement.

Brand assistance: to develop new kinetic energy towards the "brand" and cooperate with internationally renowned brands

This young team never sets limits on itself, is able to deal with trivial matters patiently, dare to fight without fear of difficulties, and constantly improve its sales ability, always ready to meet new challenges. They are even trying to find new ways and gain new ideas. One of the important measures is to develop new momentum towards the "brand".

"In the face of the turbulent, volatile, and sluggish international market, the Ministry of State Industry has actively implemented the group's'terminalization' strategy, united with first-line brands, increased Jinjiang's popularity, and allowed'Yongrong Jinjiang' to go out and move more firmly and more firmly. Practical.” said Zhu Youfei, manager of the State Industry Department of Yongrong Jinjiang.

It is understood that on the stage of increasingly fierce global market competition, Chinese companies are facing a major development opportunity from "Made in China" to "Created in China" and towards a "Chinese brand". As an important symbol of corporate quality, service and reputation, brand is an important resource for companies to participate in international market competition.


In recent years, the brand effect of Yongrong Jinjiang has gradually become prominent. With the efforts of the international business department, Yongrong Jinjiang has passed the INDITEX group certification and obtained the qualification to become the supplier of ZARA’s parent company; it has completed the first certification of Decathlon and is currently the second The rectification is also in full swing, and we look forward to the final victory of the certification in early November; in addition, we have also initially established cooperation with internationally renowned brands such as LULULEMON and Uniqlo.

Entering the fourth quarter, in the final sprint stage of 2020, the pace of all aspects will be more compact. The excellent results achieved by the Ministry of Industry have boosted the morale of all Yongrong fighters, united their thoughts and united as one, formed a joint force towards the goal of "decisively defeating the epidemic year", concentrated efforts to overcome difficulties, and all staff gradually implemented the "high-end lock-in," "Focus on Transformation" policy and fight the final battle in 2020.

Wang Jiangen, general manager of Yongrong Jinjiang, said that all Jinjiang people must follow the development strategy layout of the company closely following the development strategy of the enterprise, following the development strategy of the enterprise, and use the spirit of striving for excellence and proactiveness. State invested in marketing work to realize the leap-forward development of Yongrong Jinjiang's business and brand. (Correspondent Yongrong Jinjiang Ji Ya)