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Eversun News | Both production and sales are booming, volume and price rise: Eversun Jinjiang Spinning hits a new monthly high in October

According to data provided by Yongrong Jinjiang, in October, the production and sales volume of nylon reached new monthly highs in 2020, with a month-on-month increase of 14.5% and a year-on-year increase of 26.7%. Both production and sales have been booming, and both volume and price have risen.

Recently, the sharp drop in temperature has quickly led to the hot sales of winter clothing fabrics. The anticipation of the cold winter has caused clothing people who have been holding back for more than half a year to stock up on "Double 11" and "Double 12". Domestic textiles and clothing are showing a boom in production and sales; almost at the same time. , Foreign orders continue to flow back, and even individual countries have "retaliatory" centralized orders... Benefiting from the rapid increase in textile demand, the prices of many varieties in the upstream chemical fiber sector of the textile industry chain, such as nylon, polyester, and viscose fibers, are ushering in Up. The sudden hot market excites the Yongrong Jinjiang people who were originally declining.

Upstream recovery + industry structure optimization, product price increase

As the textile industry ushered in an unexpected peak season in October, the demand for filaments and staple fibers increased significantly.

On the one hand, the price of raw materials for nylon upstream production increased, and the contract CPL first fell this month and then rose. The final CPL contract price increased by 100 yuan/ton from the previous month.

On the one hand, the increase in downstream demand drives up the price of the industrial chain. As the overseas epidemic is still severe, the production capacity of my country's textile industry chain has recovered relatively large, and Indian orders have been transferred to my country. Superimposed on the peak season of gold, nine and silver, textile and apparel demand is strong. On the other hand, the price of cotton has continued to rise this year, making textile production costs higher, and cotton fiber is a better substitute for cotton. With the continuous price increase of cotton, the price of nylon fiber has also been further supported.

Infiltrate the market + seize opportunities, guide marketing strategies

Affected by the epidemic and under the overall market downturn, Yongrong Jinjiang, under the leadership and support of general manager Wang Jiangen, gave full play to the advantages of the existing team and brand, under the guidance of the strategic thinking of "expanding sales, increasing profits, and shaping the brand" Next, overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic on the market, actively explore industry opportunities after the epidemic, adjust sales models, optimize customer structure, implement refined management, and adhere to the "four nos, four musts" marketing strategy: one should not be pessimistic, but be determined Goals; second, don’t slacken, to prevent sneak attacks; third, don’t be discouraged, and be brave after knowing your shame; fourth, don’t follow the trend, take the initiative to attack. Fully mobilize the passion of the team, give full play to the advantages of many people, actively promote, guide, and instill brand and product information, penetrate the market, and seize the opportunity.

Production and research cooperation + full-line start-up, improving quality and grabbing the market

 Good products can have a big market. In recent years, Yongrong Jinjiang has been continuously adjusting, optimizing, and upgrading, and has formed a strong technical research and development team with medium and high professional titles, and cooperated with well-known colleges and institutions in research and development, adjusted the industrial structure, improved the level of technology, and improved the product functions. Products grab the market.

At the Yongrong Jinjiang plant in Changle, the author saw that all the production workshops of chemical fiber nylon filaments drove, and nylon products were continuously spit out from the machine. "Even during the epidemic, our workshop drive rate remained above 95%." According to Ning Zuolong, Executive Vice President of Production at Yongrong Jinjiang.

The supply of products exceeds demand. Yongrong Jinjiang decided to build an intelligent and green differentiated nylon fiber project with an annual output of 70,000 tons. As an important project for the technological transformation of enterprises in Changle District, the total investment is 680 million yuan, covering an area of 78 mu and building area of 36,000 square meters It will realize the production capacity of 70,000 tons of nylon fiber. After the project is completed and put into production, it will realize the largest nylon fiber production base in China with an annual output.

As a leader in industry technology, Yongrong Jinjiang has entered a stage of rapid development in recent years with the expansion of production scale. In terms of equipment, it has established a strategic partnership with Oerlikon-Barmag, Germany, and jointly developed the first set of automated and intelligent nylon production lines in China to ensure stable product quality; in terms of products, while developing and producing civilian nylon, it also develops industrial applications. Nylon chips, the products can be widely used in clothing, sports, leisure, health, medical, automotive and other fields. Some independent innovative products have filled the gaps in the domestic market; in terms of sales, the current sales network has covered major domestic and foreign markets, and the products are exported to Southeast Asia , Europe, America and more than a dozen countries and regions, and have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many well-known upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad. (Correspondent Yongrong Jinjiang Ji Ya)